Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Movie Night

Family movie night is like this.

1. Argue back and forth for 30 minutes with your brother or sister about what movie you are going to watch. (This is a recent development. Collin used to agree to princess movies without any arguement)
2. Finally agree on a gender neutral movie, usually Monsters Inc., How to Train your Dragon, or Bolt
3. Run upstairs and gather up about a third of your stuffed animals. (yes, this is only 1/3)
4. Throw them all Mom and Dad's bed.
5. Turn off all of the lights and close the curtains.
6. Jump in!
7. Enjoy the movie on the BIG TV in the BIG bed.

Looks like Brenna is going to enjoy this one too. :)

1 comment:

Brian Frank said...

Yep #1 sounds familiar!